Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Wonderful World Of What?

People are always basking in the glory of celebrations, when you get engaged there is a party. 

When you are getting married they find ways to share and celebrate with friends and family in the most unique forms

I have noticed that for a while now there has been a big push on the internet with wedding blogs and pics of people with the save the date stuff 

That is truly fabulous, however, I started to wonder why do we only celebrate the "gushy gushy times" 
why do we not celebrate other times and then I found these like minded people! 

I think there is something very therapeutic in celebrate almost all the events you want to share.

Who knew that celebrating your divorce could be the next big thing!

Divorce party-planner in Los Angeles says her business has tripled since 2003, and even in a recession, she books three parties a month at $5,000 to $20,000 a pop (that’s a lot of alimony). In Las Vegas, party-planning company Vegas VIP says bookings for divorce parties have gone up by 70%, “a result of more people finding out about celebrating divorce by throwing a wild party or a laid-back night out with a group of friends,” it says. The company can arrange dance outings, club nights, pool parties, and even private dinners complete with a “divorce cake.”

What's next? or do I even want to know? 


  1. I want a party like that for my divorce, keep em coming girl

  2. I need that cake for my ex LOL

  3. Wish all women had your humour

  4. @Anonymous alerts the party planner

    @Chris you and me both (googles break up cakes)

    @Ace it is not my humour you love best about me! (winks)

  5. This post is classic you! you make me laugh everytime!

    @Ace what is it you like best about her, come on tell us all! no secrets!

  6. ha ha ha..yes, there is always the "other side" to view and celebrate......

  7. @Donna Your easy (to make laugh that is) but I won't tell others..... don't you even get that Ace guy going!

    @M.P. (passes you a piece of cake and smiles)

  8. mmmmm...I can have cake and eat you IT too.....OMG.....

  9. Was that a slip of the tongue shall we say? lmao