Friday, January 18, 2013

The Great Debate.......To Cross or Not Cross that is the Question?

People since it all started coming out so to speak have been debating this same question over and over.  To cross or uncross that is the question. 

 I have never been overly enthused about a man that crosses his legs and yet a man with excessive body hair can wax all he wants and I don't find that girly hmmm.... 

I thought maybe I should do a little more research.I found a whole bunch of celebrities that do cross their legs.

I mean come on I never thought I would see Will Smith all cross legged and such sigh........

And yet  Matthew McConaughey does it all the time 

Even the men we found traditionally manly had in fact been seen crossing their legs too.

Donald Draper of Mad Men

Charlie Sheen 

Bruce Willis but Not Morgan Freeman

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....I was mistaken 

I am still not certain that I freely enjoy the cross legged man.   I think this debate is the one to last through all time.


  1. I know I am all for men cooking and cleaning that part is nice but a want a manly guy any other time

  2. I love this blog you know that you always have some true in the funniest forms of your communication

  3. Thanks for the comments, agreed Anonymous we all want manly men maybe that is where my thoughts stray cross legging men take the manly part away in my minds eye. Donna you are teasing me again I see thank you I do aim to please

  4. hummmmm...this is something I have never even thought about. This might be interesting to hear what the women have to say about this. Does the cowboy who just got off the horse get a free pass?

  5. Cowboy? why did you not say that earlier, I have a big thing for cowboys

    1., sorry.....I'm not a cowboy. I was just thinking that, you know, you've seen the walk after riding and thought, they would probably NOT sit with their legs crossed.......
      hummmm, I did ride a horse on vacation a few years back...does that qualify ??

    2. and yet they call it bow legged? lol

      I like that every cowboy I've ever met does things slow and easy do you have that in common with cowboys? if so then the big thing for you is back on!

    3. well then, it IS back on...if you include intense and passionate also....?

    4. What is the point if it is not intense and passionate?

  6. What about a man that works with his hands? do you have a thing for us too?

  7. I adore men with that kind of talent oh the possibilities